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Local History

  • Darstardly Deeds in Victorian Warwickshire
  • Leamington Spa, a photographic history of your town
  • Leamington Spa, Francis Smith's Town & City memories
  • Around warwick, Francis Frith's Photographic memories
  • Warwick Chronicles 1806-1812 (72 pages) £3.00 (Order)
  • Bloody British History – Warwick (£9.99)(Order)
  • Recommended by

    Publisher: The History Press

    ISBN: 9780752491042

    - Also available as an e-book
  • Warwick in the Great War (£12.99)
  • Publisher: Pen and Sword Books Limited

    ISBN: 9781473860537

  • Warwick at War 1939-1945 (£14.99)
  • Publisher: Pen and Sword Books Limited

    ISBN: 9781526722355

Non Fiction

In preparation ready mid-late 2020

Wicked, Wilful and Unconventional Women (No cover available yet)


  • Mayfield (Part 1 of the Warwick Detective Trilogy)
  • Recommended by

    In 1840 John Mayfield arrived in Warwick to take command of the new Police Force. Although anticipating opposition, he was surprised to find it coming from a prominent member of the Watch Committee. When a body is found, John is soon fighting to save his career and life. And he must choose between a young widow, and the wife of a man who is awaiting trial.

    Mayfield book cover

    ISBN: 9781438984261

    - Also available as an e-book
  • Mayfield's Law (Part 2 of the Warwick Detective Trilogy)
  • Struggling to accept the sudden departure of the love of his live, John Mayfield began seeing Laura Grant. Whilst investigating the suspicious death of a local bank manager, John first met Dr Richard Gilson, unaware he is also keen to meet Laura. Soon afterwards the bank is robbed and other murders take place. Whilst this is happening, someone is poisoning John`s best friend, Dr Thomas Waldren, and the victim`s wife is the main suspect.

    Mayfield book cover

    ISBN: 9781907294877

    - Also available as an e-book
  • Mayfield's Last Case (Part 3 of the Warwick Detective Trilogy)
  • When John Mayfield received an unexpected visitor, it reminded him that the past was never far from his mind. Warwick is shaken by a chilling series of murders, and changes in his personal life threaten to overtake everything. The local newspaper is stirring up trouble for him, and as the mystery unravels, it is clear this will not be an easy battle.

    Mayfield book cover

    ISBN: 9781908128331

    - Also available as an e-book
  • Cold & Unwelcoming (71 pages) price £4 + £1 p&p (Order)
  • A collection of short ghost stories

    Stories from here were used by Birmingham Television, titled The Unexplained . It is proposed to link these two books plus some other stories and turn them into a single publication later this year or early 2017. being re-printed and enlarged with more supernatural stories and retitled as Old Cavendish. Ready Spring/early Summer 2019.

  • A Villa in Spain (68 pages) price £4 + £1 p&p (Order)
  • A collection of short crime stories

    A Villa in Spain
    Will be available as paperback and e-book
  • Conspiracy of Fate
  • In 1846, young Richard Fielding has to leave his comfortable home in Warwick, and work in a Birmingham factory. Soon he is wanted for murders which he has not committed.

    Not knowing who to trust, especially his guardian, Richard is helped by Jenny Barlow, a work colleague in the same factory. But suspecting Jenny is not all that she appears to be, Richard makes his own escape.

    Conspiracy of Fate

    He is soon being hunted by the police and various radical factions, who are planning a revolution. Taking refuge with a gang of railway navvies, his future looks anything but secure, especially when his true identity is discovered. Why does everybody want the strange rings which Richard mysteriously received? And how is the shadowy English spymaster, known only as the Spider, involved?

    Then there is the devious Mallory Kempe who has his own, very personal reasons for ruining Richard`s life and wanting him dead: and who better to do his bidding than the merciless Jasper Turnbull.

    Against these odds, Richard struggles to clear his name and survive!

    Available to order online here

    ISBN: 9781508485988

    - Now available as paperback and e-book

  • To Kill the King
  • The year is 1902 and Conrad Hunter-Smythe, usually called Hunter, has been tasked with assassinating King Edward VII on behalf of the Boers during the South African War. Even before leaving South Africa, Hunter has been betrayed and is being hunted by his employers, but not for the benefit of the King. Searching for Hunter in England are the police led by Inspector Andrew Harrison of the Warwickshire Constabulary and hindered by Chief Constable Robert Iain McKenzie. Someone wants the King and Hunter dead. Common sense tells Hunter to abandon the idea, but he has his own reasons for going to England. Matters reach a climax when the King visits Warwick.

    To Kill The King

    ISBN: 9781540452931

    Also available as an e-book

  • Old Cavendish and other Supernatural Stories
  • Walter Pultney Cavendish was killed in 1925. Denied justice by those who stopped the subsequent police enquiry into the cause of his death – Cavendish`s ghost regularly haunts the crags Road seeking vengeance.

    Old Cavendish is a collection of supernatural stories happening from the early 19th century to the present day. Several of these tales have been televised.

    Replaces Cold & Unwelcoming with more stories added

    Old Cavendish

    ISBN: 9781843965480

    Available on Amazon and e-books

  • Sleepers Awake (probable publication date late 2020 early 2021)
  • In the months preceding the Coronation of George V in June 1911, a German Secret Service group of sleeping agents is established in Warwick. Their aim is to cause mayhem in England when ordered to so by the Kaiser. Pitted against them is Andrew Harrison, now promoted to superintendent and his team. He has his work cut out with bomb attacks on the town, wages robberies and murder. To make matters worse, his beloved Helen has become emotionally involved with the enemy. Whose side is she on?

Joint Author

  • Policing Warwickshire, a Pictorial History of the Warwickshire Constabulary

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